As part of our commitment to provide reliable service to our customers, we’re replacing water meters identified as being old and/or have experienced high usage.

The purpose of the meter replacement program is to ensure all customers are treated equitably with the accuracy of their usage readings for their water charges.

The replacement program is being conducted on a township-by-township basis. Read more. 

When is this happening?

We’re replacing meters in a staged approach from early May 2024. Customers will be given at least 7 days notification prior to any meter replacements.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Water Meter Replacement Program 

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Water Meter Replacement Program read more. 

Access to your meter

It’s important to keep your meter clear and accessible, read more. 

What to expect 

Replacement is free – as long as your meter is accessible and required clearances are provided, Westernport Water will cover the cost of the replacement. Read more.