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Hydration station

Westernport Water enjoys supporting our local community and the environment.

Our Hydration Station is available to the local community as a form of sponsorship – to provide free, convenient access to tap water for people attending events.

Sponsorship will be considered for not-for-profit organisations or community groups:

  • within Westernport Water’s service area
  • that are hosting events that have a close link to sport, health & wellbeing or are simply fundraising for the local community organistations.

Hydration station features

Westernport Water’s Hydration Station is a portable trailer that connects to a potable water supply via a standard tap fitting.

The trailer has four drinking fountains & eight tap outlets for filling water bottles

Is your event in the Westernport Water region?

Please use this interactive map to find out if your event is within the Westernport Water service area, and is eligible to hire our Hydration Station.  We unfortunately can’t hire it to events outside our service area.

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Scroll down to the map
  3. Enter the address of your event  in the search bar
  4. Check if it says Westernport Water is the Urban Water Corporation in the list.  If it mentions any other water retailer, this means we cannot hire you our Hydration Station for your event and you should contact that retailer instead.

How to hire?

If you are from a not-for-profit community group or school, and your event is in Westernport Water service area, please fill in our Hydration Station enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Your application will be assessed against our Sponsorship and Donations Policy and a member of our Communications and Engagement team will contact you.

Hydration Station at Soccer Grand Final

Corporate use

One-day hire $AUD660.00 (GST inclusive), which includes 50 drink bottles for your guests, valued at $200.

  • preliminary site inspection to determine tapping, stabilisation and access
  • delivery, set up and connection
  • water testing
  • 24-hour/seven-day assistance
  • disconnection and pickup

All requests are considered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Water refill stations

Portable water refill and drinking fountain

For small events or when the Hydration Station is booked, there is the option to hire our portable bottle refill unit or our portable drinking fountain.

Email communications@westernportwater.com.au for more information

Setup and pack down instructions

Hydration Station Booking form

If you believe our Hydration Station could be a positive addition to your next local community event, please fill in our enquiry form below.

    Contact Details

    About the Event:

    Is your event situated in Westernport Water’s service area? (Bass Coast, Victoria) *

    How many people are expected to attend the event?

    Is the event open to the public to attend?

    What would you like to hire? (select one)

    Is town drinking water (potable water) available at the event location?

    Does the organiser have a public liability insurance policy with a limit of not less than $10,000,000?

    Note: This is not a confirmed booking. Bookings will be confirmed at a later stage. Based on policy criteria 

    **Please allow at least four weeks notice when booking due to water quality testing timeframes and staffing. An application submitted within the four week timeframe may not be processed in time.

    Contact us for Terms & Conditions

    General enquiries to the Communications Team, T: 1300 720 711
    or email communications@westernportwater.com.au

    Westernport Water uses this form to collect information, including personal information, from members of the public. The Corporation will use this personal information only for the purpose for which it is collected [or for an associated secondary purpose]. For further information please refer to Westernport Water’s Privacy Policy.