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Access and usage charges explained

Westernport Water adopted by resolution of its Board, the following charges for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.  This is in accordance with the Water Act 1989, and the pricing decision handed down by the Essential Services Commission.

Your bill comprises a fixed component for water and wastewater access and a variable component that covers your water usage.

Prices for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 have been set in accordance with the Essential Services Commission’s Determination.

Non-residential access and usage charges

Access and usage charges Tariff Schedule Final 2023-24 (Includes price comparisons for the previous financial year)

Non-Regulated Tariff Schedule Final (includes prices from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2024)

Please get in touch with our Customer Relations Team on 1300 720 711 for all enquiries about our access and usage charges.

Water access charge (fixed)AUD $ PER ANNUM
20mm commercial$429.79
25mm commercial $773.76
32mm commercial $1,461.73
40mm commercial $ 2,665.39
50mm commercial $4,772.00
65mm commercial $9,988.39
80mm commercial $16,465.87
100mm commercial $29,621.49
150mm commercial $68,271.86
Unconnected Vacant Land Water Access Charge$214.87
Non-residential water usage chargeAUD $ (per kL)
Flat rate per kilolitre$2.3465
Wastewater (sewerage) fixed chargeAUD $ (per annum)
Unconnected Vacant Land Sewer access charge340.76
Non-residential cistern charge (for each cistern in excess of two)$251.26

Miscellaneous fees and charges

Water connection fee (per tapping)AUD $
Standard 20mm (dry)$320.95
Standard 20mm (wet) $404.72
Recycled tapping (all inclusive)$
All other tapping sizes Price on application
Sewerage / Wastewater connection fees (per connection)AUD $
Standard commercial connection$292.96
All other connections Price on application
Special meter readings (per reading)AUD $
For property sales $70.38
Restrictor removal fee (per restrictor)AUD $
Residential meter (per removal)$76.82
Account history in excess of three yearsAUD $
Account and usage history $88.42
Information statement (per statement)AUD $
Standard (within five business days) $61.62
Priority (within 24 business hours) $123.31
Plan copies (per A4 page)AUD $
As constructed drawing (Block plan) $41.77

The Waterways and Drainage Charge is collected on behalf of Melbourne Water. It’s used to protect and improve the health of rivers and creeks in the Port Phillip and Western Port region. It also assists with drainage, flood protection and flood warning systems in rural and urban areas as well as urban development planning. Customers in rural areas are charged at a lower rate to reflect the reduced services provided compared to urban customers.

In 2023-24, the annual charge is $64.88. For more information about where it applies and what it contributes to, visit or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 720 711.

For more information about the charge, where it applies and the services and projects in your area, call Westernport Water on 1300 720 711 or visit the Melbourne Water website.