Permanent water refill stations

Westernport Water is working in partnership with Bass Coast Shire Council and Phillip Island Nature Parks to provide our community and visitors with access to free and convenient tap water. Our custom water refill stations and drinking fountains can be found throughout our service area, allowing you to fill up a water bottles or have a drink when out. Most of the refill stations also feature a dog bowl, giving pet owners the ability to give their thirsty canine companions a drink while out walking.

The drinking stations can be found at numerous locations throughout our service area, with more on the way!

Current water refill locations 

Cowes – Jetty Triangle/Erehwon Point/Mussel Rocks/Cowes Cultural Centre
Newhaven – Graydens Reserve (Newhaven Park)
San Remo – San Remo Lions Park/San Remo Jetty
Koala Conservation Centre
Churchill Island Heritage Farm
Smiths Beach car park
Surf Beach Community Park
Kilcunda Walking Trail
Corinella Hughes Reserve
Penguin Parade Visitor Centre (coming soon)
Rhyll Foreshore (coming soon)

Phillip Island Community Orchard (PICO)

With an emphasis on building liveable and healthy communities, the Phillip Island Community Orchard (PICO) plans to be a community-run project that aims to share, inspire, educate and engage the local community. Located in Wimbledon Heights, this vacant one hectare parcel of land will be transformed into an attractive and sustainable orchard and garden, which will demonstrate how recycled water can provide for safe and healthy food production.

Bass Coast Landcare

Bass Coast Landcare Network

The Bass Coast Landcare Network & Westernport Water partnership has been going strong for over a decade. With both parties viewing the partnership as a real success story. The Westernport Water/Landcare partnership is contributing to a number of great Landcare programs delivering educational, conservation and agricultural benefits to the community. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that provides services to Westernport Water supporting our ongoing land management practices and programs as well as supporting a number of key water related Landcare strategies.

Projects and initiatives have included:

o ‘Wildlife Corridor’ revegetation of Saltwater Creek
o Revegetation to improve water quality in the Candowie Reservoir
o Education & support for landholders surrounding the Candowie Catchment
o Pest Plant and animal control programs

Candowie Reservoir is an open catchment relying on landholders and farmers within the catchment area to manage their activities to prevent pollution entering the reservoir. Westernport Water supports a dedicated Landcare facilitator to educate and assist these landholders to undertake on-ground works to reduce nutrient and sediment loads entering the reservoir. The exclusion of livestock grazing on the water’s edge is a priority essential to improving water quality.

For more information on the good work Landcare does, visit their website: Bass Coast Landcare Network

Phillip Island Landcare

The Phillip Island Urban Landcare group was established in 2003 to address a number of challenges facing Phillip Island, including;

o rapid and escalating population growth,
o development pressures on rural land,
o increasing sustainable resources use,
o invasion of pest plants and animals from urban areas into remnant,
o rural and revegetated land and
o changing negative attitudes.

The program has undertaken a number of initiatives to address these challenges, with support from Westernport Water, including supplying members with an annual voucher for 30 tube stock indigenous plants, annual Urban Garden Awards, Water wise and water sensitive garden field days as well as providing resources and information to the community.

You are my Sunshine

Westernport Water assists the You Are My Sunshine (YAMS) Foundation.

YAMS is raising funds for research into neuroblastoma – a deadly cancer that attacks the nervous system and often begins in early childhood.

Westernport Water currently has a team training for the Melbourne Marathon and is looking for donations to support its endeavours to raise money for the YAMS Foundation. Call our customer service team to pledge your support today 1300 720 711 or email:

YAMS was formed and registered in 2009 in memory of young local girl Kahlilla Blyss Donahoo who died in August 2008 from neuroblastoma.
Read more about YAMS by downloading this article (pdf 515 KB) from the winter 2010 edition of Coast magazine.

Westernport Water customers can easily contribute to YAMS. Just quote shopper number 161 at the cash register at the Cowes IGA to nominate YAMS as your preferred charity. To donate directly visit the YAMS Foundation website.