Freedom of Information

Application and operation of Freedom of Information Act 1982

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 allows public access to documents held by government entities, which includes right of access to documents held by Westernport Water. A decision to release information is made by an authorised officer.

Members of the public wishing to obtain access to corporate documents are required to make their request in writing and pay the appropriate fee. In order for a request to be valid, it must be sufficiently clear to enable the documents sought to be identified.

An application fee of $30.60 will apply until 30 June 2023. The fee will increase to $31.80 from 1 July 2023.

A written request, outlining the documents required and enclosing the application fee, should be sent to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Westernport Water
2 Boys Home Rd
Newhaven Victoria 3925
1300 720 711

For further information regarding FOI or to lodge a request, go to:
or email:

Part II Information Statement

We release a large amount of information for public access. This information statement as specified in the Act is designed to assist you in;

  • finding out about us;
  • see the types of information and records we create and publish on our website
  • see how we manage our FOI requests;
  • decide whether you need to make an FOI request.

The following four sections are identified within Part II Information Statement:

Statement 1 – Our organisation

We are an efficient Water Corporation consistently providing cost-effective, safe and reliable products and services to the communities we serve, today and tomorrow.

Board of Directors

Management Team

Our Service Area

Our Organisational Chart

Annual Reports

Statement 2 – Categories of documents

Westernport Water create a large number of documents and records in the course of its work.

We use a computerised records management system to manage our correspondence and documents.

We use online computer systems to manage our financial, human resource and other operational activities and plans relating to our water supply and wastewater responsibilities.

The types of documents we handle include:

  • policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • briefings and reports
  • registers and databases
  • correspondence
  • applications, permits, agreements, leases and licences
  • meeting records
  • financial records
  • audio visual material

Statement 3 – FOI arrangements

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, members of the public have the right to request access to documents about the activities of Victorian government agencies and their personal affairs.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request needs to be made in writing to the agency that holds the documents being requested.

For general information about FOI in Victoria visit the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner’s website.

Statement 4 – Publications

Westernport Water produces a wide range of publications. Many of which are available on the Forms & Publications section of our website.

In some cases, it is not possible to make our publications available as a download but you can request to obtain a copy via email to

This section highlights a few of the many instances in which Westernport Water publishes internal rules, policies and procedures online.

Forms & Publications – Policies/Legislations

If there are documents that are not currently available online, requests can be made via email to

Some examples include:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Family Violence Policy
  • Hardship Policy
  • Privacy and Data Collection Policy
  • Statement of Obligations

Many of Westernport Water’s reports are published on its website and may be located using the search box or by visiting the relevant subject matter page.  This section illustrates examples of where Westernport Water publishes final reports and records of decisions relating to policy.

Examples include:

  • Corporate Plan
  • Annual Report
  • Water Strategy
  • Board Meeting Overviews

Forms & Publications – Publications/Board Papers