Water mains cleaning – Air Scouring

Westernport Water conducts regular cleaning of water mains to maintain the high-quality of our drinking water.

We will be undertaking water mains cleaning from 17 June to 28 June 2024 in the following locations:

  • Ventor
  • Sunset Strip
  • San Remo
  • Kilcunda
  • Dalyston
  • Archies Creek
  • Coronet Bay.

Pipe cleaning is done using a technique known as air scouring, which involves injecting filtered pressurised air through the pipe to remove any naturally occurring sediment.


While air scouring is happening, you will be without water for approximately 2 hours.

Customers will be directly notified up to 7 days prior of work being done in their area.

A schedule will also be published on our Planned Works page (when available)

If possible, customers will be asked to turn their stop tap off at the water meter, prior to the time of commencement listed on the interruption notice.

When the water is back on

Customers may notice that the water is a little cloudy or milky after air scouring. This is caused by small pressurised air bubbles. This will resolve over time and is safe to drink.

Contact us

If you have special water supply needs or any questions about water mains cleaning, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 720 711.