Recycled water tap

Recycled water inspections

Westernport Water is now responsible for all recycled water plumbing inspections throughout the property development.

Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme delivers Class A recycled water to new residential developments, sporting facilities, recreation reserves, as well as agricultural land located along the purple pipe network between Wimbledon Heights and the Cowes / Ventnor area on Phillip Island.

Recycling and reusing wastewater is an important element in Westernport Water’s strategy to reduce the pressure on our drinking water supplies and at the same time reduce our environmental impact.

Class A recycled water has been mandated for new residential developments across Phillip Island and San Remo. This sustainable water source is not subject to water restrictions so you can keep your garden green year round.

To book your recycled water inspection

  • Ask your Plumber to call 1300 720 711 to make a booking

Bookings must be made at least 2 business days in advance and are carried out between 8.30am–3.30pm Monday to Friday.

If we are unable to attend to any booked inspections a Westernport Water plumbing inspector will contact you directly to re-schedule.