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At Westernport Water, we have access to a range of water sources and are committed to providing our customers and community with safe and clean drinking water.

Water quality

Westernport Water has an obligation to provide safe drinking water to its customers. Find out more on how we deliver safe drinking water… Read more

Water sources

Westernport Water has access to a number of water sources including Tennent Creek, Bass River, Corinella Aquifer and the Melbourne supply system… Read more

Our treatment process

Westernport Water operates a comprehensive water quality management system, find out more about our water treatment process… Read more

Household Water Quality Issues

Full glass of tap water obscured by small particles. Concept for unhealthy water supply for people in developing countries.

Household water quality issues

There are a number of common problems experienced by customers. These are most often associated with how water smells, tastes or looks. Common problems are listed here: Read more

Find the source of your issue

The first step to defining a potential WQ problem is finding the source of the issue. You can find steps on how to do this here… Read more

Water Hardness

Hardness is the measure of calcium carbonate in water, measured in milligrams per litre (mg/L). Hardness levels depend on mineral deposits (i.e. rocks and soils) from the catchment that supply our water… Read more