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Our Engineering and Construction Team works with developers, consultants, builders, plumbers and property owners who are developing, re-developing or subdividing property within our service area. The team responds to all planning referrals and provides information on the requirements for future water, sewerage and recycled water services. The team can also assist with the location of existing services and trade waste enquiries.

Land development manual

Land development manual

Created to assist Owners/Developers by outlining the processes and guidelines for obtaining approvals for provision of water supply and sewerage services for new land development projects….Read more

LDM appendices

Land development manual appendices:

A suite of documents, reference material and guidelines for Owners/Developers which supports the Land Development Manual… Read more

LDM online forms

Land development manual forms (Appendix 11)

Downloadable and editable online forms required for Owners/Developers and Consultants/Contractors to complete and submit for each step of the land development process… Read more

Development agreement

Development Agreement and Standard Conditions

The latest Development Agreement and Standard Conditions.

Property connection

Property connections

Any property fronted by a water or sewer network may be connected. Prior to connection, customers are required to obtain Westernport Water’s consent… Read more

Recycled water inspections

Recycled water inspections

Westernport Water is responsible for all recycled water plumbing inspections. Book your recycled water plumbing inspection with us now… Read more

LDM appendices

Declaration of Serviced Properties

We publish information about new or existing properties across our service area where we’ve made provisions for water and/or sewerage and/or recycled water services… Read more