Schools Water Efficiency Program

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) is a voluntary program open to all schools within Victoria.  Currently in its second phase, SWEP enables schools to continuously track their water consumption by using data logger technology. The schools data can be accessed by facility managers, teachers and students through an interactive website.

The program enables schools to thoroughly monitor water usage and detect leaks so they can be rectified, allowing schools to save water and in most cases money as well. The program provides students with an opportunity  to learn about water efficiency through maths concepts such as measurement and data in a tangible and realistic environment.

This phase of the SWEP is supported by the Live it Learn it curriculum (data logging unit) and will operate over a minimum of three years.  To find out more and view the short you tube video that has been made to highlight the benefits of the program please visit Schools Water Efficiency Program

Schools Water Efficiency Program Information Sheet (920KB)

Data Loggers For Schools Fact Sheet (2MB)

Water learn it live it

Pictured: Newhaven College grade 4 students Balin Dellevergini and Helena Leonardos analyse the schools water usage data using the online web tool.