Exemption and Water Use Plans Application form

What you will need before starting

What you will need, will depend on your type of application, some of the common types of information or documents you may require include:

  • a copy of your water bills
  • a copy of receipts for purchases (if applicable)
  • average water usage
  • water saving measures that you are already using
  • plans for water efficiency measures
  • size and type of water meter
  • compliance Certificates for plumbing work (if applicable)
  • medical certificate (if applicable)
  • other supporting documents

Save and get a link to resume at a later time

Our form is designed for your convenience with an option to Save your progress and return to complete it at a later time. Simply click ‘Save’ and get a link by email to resume whenever it’s convenient for you.

How we assess your application

When approving Water Use Plans and exemptions Westernport Water will take into consideration its Water Restriction By-Law and Urban Water Strategy to consider the relevant stage of restrictions.

Under the By-Law, Westernport Water will need to be reasonably satisfied that the requested use of water will:

  • lead to water savings that are equal to the predicted water savings under the relevant stage of restrictions
  • not (in combination with other Water Use Plans) have a significant impact on the daily demand for water or water security
  • be generally supported by other Westernport Water customers who are affected by the relevant stage of water restrictions
  • demonstrate best practice or a highly efficient use of water
  • provide a broader public benefit.

If you are applying for an exemption, please also check the Westernport Water’s Model Water Restriction By-Law for considerations that Westernport Water will consider for granting exemptions.