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Water – Learn it! Live it!

The Water Learn it. Live it resource is a comprehensive curriculum resource for primary and secondary school teachers. It covers all aspects of the water story, and contains a variety of activities and projects.

The resource is presented in three volumes focusing on water sources and properties, water movement through nature and cities, and how our communities use and value water. It was developed by Melbourne’s government-owned water retailers.

Water Live it v1

Volume 1: Water in the Natural Environment

An investigation into water in its natural state such as:

  • Properties of Water
  • Natural Water Cycle
  • Bodies of Water
  • Australian Weather and Impacts on Water Supply.

Volume 1 (5.01MB)

Water Live it v2

Volume 2: Water in the Urban Environment

An investigation into the journey of water through the urban water cycle such as:

  • Collecting Water
  • The Water Journey
  • Water Coming and Going
  • Water Industry – Innovation and Careers.

Volume 2 (3.6MB)

Water Live it v3

Volume 3: Water in the Community

An investigation into the way we use, consume and value water such as:

  • Understanding Water Use
  • How We Use Water
  • Water Meanings
  • Water Supply and Efficient Water Use
  • Water for Health and Wellbeing.

Volume 3 (2.55MB)

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