Choose Tap - Turn the tide on single use plastics

Be Smart, Choose Tap

Tap water is the best choice for your health, the environment and your hip pocket.

Choose Tap Initiative

Westernport Water is helping customers to enjoy a healthy, environmentally friendly and low-cost community lifestyle through the Choose Tap Initiative. Choose Tap aims to promote the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as a positive alternative to bottled water.
More than a billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water – but sometimes in Australia we take our quality tap water for granted.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Australians spend more than $600 million a year on bottled water, which is not only putting greater strain on the environment, it’s an expense we could easily avoid.

Water facts:

  • Approximately 50% of bottles sold in the bottled water market end up in landfill.
  • Tap Water is about 2,000 times cheaper per litre than bottled water.
  • With the $3 spent on a litre bottle of water, you can refill a 1 litre drink bottle from the tap every day for 2 years!!
  • Over 25% of kids in Victoria are either overweight or obese, with poor diet a large contributing factor.
  • Drinking tap water can be a major aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Choose Tap is a campaign that benefits customers in all walks of life and is playing a valuable role supporting community sport, local festivals, education, parks and gardens and the health sector. See the below links for more information.

Choose Tap at your next event

We want to make it easier for you to Choose Tap so we often take our Hydration Station to local community events so that everyone can choose tap on the day! If you are interested in having the multi-tap Choose Tap Hydration Station at your next event, please apply using our online form found here.

Water refill stations

These are being installed in public spaces in our service area so that adults, children and pets have access to free drinking water where they need it most.

Be Smart Choose Tap

Choose Tap school program

Schools are able to get involved in different activities that will engage students and staff in learning about the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an environmentally positive alternative to bottled beverages.

Choose Tap San Remo Primary School students

Prep Water Bottle Initiative

Our Prep Water Bottle Initiative provides every new prep student in our service area with a new drink bottle to help them start their school journey. The program encourages children to drink tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle to assist their learning and as an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled beverages.