Water recycling

Increasing the amount of water we recycle is vital to Westernport Water becoming more climate resilient.  The use of recycled water provides an important weather independent water supply for non-drinking purposes. In addition, we directly reduce the volumes of treated effluent discharged to Bass Strait.  We are committed to recycling 35% of all treated wastewater by 2025, increasing to 50% by 2050.  Our plan to do this is set out in our Recycled Water Strategy 2018-2023

What is recycled water?

Recycled water is treated wastewater from the sewage treatment plant that is suitable for a range of non-drinking purposes… Read more

Recycled water scheme

The Phillip Island recycled water scheme was commissioned in September 2012, supplying Class-A recycled water to new residential developments and agricultural customers… Read more

Commercial & trade

Westernport Water is now responsible for all recycled water plumbing inspections throughout the property development on Phillip Island… Read more