Bidet products are becoming increasingly popular in Australian bathrooms, but there are things you need to know before purchasing.

Use a licenced plumber – don’t DIY

Bidets seats, toilet seat douches and handheld toilet sprays are readily available at hardware stores but they are not DIY items.

They can contaminate the drinking water supply if not correctly fitted with a backflow prevention device.

Only a licenced plumber can install them safely and correctly.

Don’t connect to recycled water

These products can’t be installed in properties that are connected to the recycled water network. Recycled water is suitable for flushing toilets, not personal washing.

Therefore, it is essential to use a qualified plumber who has the knowledge and expertise to correctly install these types of plumbing fixtures.

More information

Before purchasing any of these products, speak with your local plumber or plumbing supply shop first. You can also call Westernport Water on 1300 720 711.

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