Our purpose

Westernport Water will service a healthy community through clever collaboration and protect the environment for future generations because we care.

Our role

The core functions of Westernport Water are to provide drinking water, recycled water, and wastewater services to properties and communities throughout its district in accordance with the standards listed in the Westernport Water Customer Charter 2023-28, or by agreement.

Westernport Water is one of 18 water corporations operating and reporting to the State Government of Victoria. Westernport Water is responsible for its own management and performance, servicing over 23,000 customers from 27 townships, across an area covering 300 square kilometers, including Millowl (Phillip Island) and mainland communities from The Gurdies in the north to Archies Creek in the southeast.

The region has one of the highest ratios of visitors to residents of any destination in Australia. During peak periods, there can be approximately 120 visitors to every permanent resident. Permanent residential occupancy rates are higher for waterline communities with 70 per cent to 89 per cent, compared to Phillip Island which can be as low as 44 per cent in Cowes and up to 57 per cent in townships like Rhyll, Cape Woolamai and San Remo.

We source water from Tennent Creek, the Corporation’s main water supply source, with additional entitlements to the Bass River, the Melbourne Supply System and groundwater from Corinella Aquifer. Drinking water is produced at Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant (IBWPP) at Candowie Reservoir in Almurta, then pumped to four enclosed treated water storages for distribution to customers.

We operate two wastewater treatment plants: the Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWWTP) and the King Road Wastewater Treatment Plant (KRWWTP). Effluent collected from the townships of Kilcunda and Dalyston is treated under an agreement with South Gippsland Water at its Wonthaggi Wastewater Treatment Plant. There are 99 pump stations across the wastewater network that are used to service approximately 90 per cent of properties that receive drinking water.

Westernport Water offers a range of valuable services to its customers. These include the delivery of Class-A recycled water for various purposes in specific areas of Phillip Island, such as residential, recreational, commercial, and agricultural use. Additionally, the organisation provides services for the removal of commercial trade waste, operates a liquid waste disposal facility, and offers specialist advice on infrastructure and facility design for new developments. These services not only cater to the diverse needs of the community but also underscore Westernport Water’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.