Saving Water in the Garden

Outdoor water use accounts for 25-50% of the average home’s water

Gardens are an area where huge amounts of water are wasted. Examples include leaving sprinkler systems running for unnecessary amounts of time and hosing down pathways instead of sweeping them.

It is worth thinking about reducing the amount of water you use on your garden, collecting rainwater for use and recycling greywater. With the use of water-saving technologies and a bit of planning you can have attractive and productive gardens whilst being wise about water.

When to water?

Understanding when to water to water your garden is really important.  Has it just rained? Is it about to rain? How good is your soil at retaining water?

Discover the best time to water your garden, pot plants or ornamental trees.

How much to water?

Many plants are traditionally over-watered and some, like lavender, are watered to death.  Before you even consider watering, push aside the mulch, stick your finger into the soil and if it is moist below the surface you don’t need to water.

Follow this link to more smart watering tips.

Recycled water hose spraying water

Ways to water

Different plants and garden areas have different watering needs.

Each component of the garden all have differing watering needs. The extent of irrigation required will depend on the amount of rain naturally falling in the area.

Discover methods of watering that are most appropriate for your plants and gardening needs.


Rainwater tanks save water and the environment. Tanks are easy to use and available in styles to suit most homes.

Discover the benefits of rainwater in the garden, how to choose a tank suitable for you and how to install it.


All the water that comes out of the tap is top quality drinking water, but not all of the activities that we use water for around the house need drinkable water.

Greywater is the used water from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. It doesn’t include water from the kitchen sink or from toilets.

Discover how greywater can be a valuable garden resource.


Keeping your garden mulched is essential for creating healthy soil and maintaining a water efficient garden.

Discover 6 Steps to Marvellous Mulching in your garden.