Westernport Water is striving to deliver better tasting water

Every year, we are making improvements to our treatment process and undertaking maintenance activities, such as flushing and air scouring, to ensure that our pipes are kept clean and our water is as fresh as possible.

Over the past few years, we have implemented a number of improvements to our water purification processes, including:

Ultra Violet Treatment
UV disinfection was introduced at our water purification plant to provide a secondary barrier to the existing treatment process. This increases our ability to protect the safety of our water.

Filter to Waste
The Filter to Waste system, installed at our Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant, increased the operational flexibility of our treatment system.

Powder Activated Carbon Upgrade
An upgrade to the Powder Activated Carbon treatment process at Candowie Reservoir, removing organics from raw water and improving taste.

Vertical Profiler
Installation of a vertical profiler in Candowie Reservoir to increase understanding of raw water quality throughout the water column, providing early warning of changes to water quality to inform the treatment process.

Real-Time Monitoring
Westernport Water introduced real-time monitoring of treated water at the Grantville water storage to monitor quality.

Watch this video to learn more about our water treatment processes and projects

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