Community tours of our water treatment facilities

We currently offer two types of tours, these can be requested by community groups and are subject to availability.

Water Treatment Plant

Recycled Water Treatment Plant

The plant on Pyramid Rock Road Phillip Island treats all the sewage from the area, and produces recycled water and biosolids that is reused in the community. The tour takes around 45minutes, and includes a walk around the plant to see the sewage treatment process, recycled water treatment, production of biosolids as well as a short trip to Pyramid Rock to see the ocean outfall.

Candowie Reservoir and Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant

The guided tour takes around 1 hour and incorporates the reservoir, dam wall, spillway and outlet tower plus a walk through the plant to see how our drinking water is produced. Candowie is located 10 minutes from the South Gippsland Highway east of Granville in Almurta.

Things to know:

  • Tours are for not-for-profit community groups
  • Tours are available during normal business hours only
  • We do not charge for guided tours, but groups must organise their own transport

If you are interested in a guided tour for your community group, please email to determine availability and discuss your options.