Current projects

There are numerous projects underway which are designed to deliver sustainable water and wastewater services that improve the health and liveability of our community.

San Remo Basin Renewal Project

The San Remo Basin liner and the cover is at the end of its theoretical useful life and requires renewal.

Water tank large

Phillip Island Water Supply Security Project

An additional treated water storage tank will be constructed enabling a reduction in water supply interruptions for customers.


Water Quality Improvement Program

This program aims to take steps to improve the taste of drinking water.

Water pressure

Water Pressure Management

Westernport Water will be reducing and controlling the water pressure in particular areas later this year.

Water Main Renewal

This project will deliver improved water quality and reliable service to customers and the community.

Solar panel

Emissions Reduction Pledge

Westernport Water is committed to a 8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and net zero by 2050.

Sewer water

Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade

Due to projected population growth, Westernport Water is investing in treatment systems whilst minimising its environment impact.

Pipeline grid

Melbourne Water Supply System

Westernport Water is planning for the future by testing its connection to the Melbourne Water Supply System.

Real-time water quality monitoring of Grantville water storage.

12 drinking fountains installed with four more by the end of 2020.

Fix collapsed sewer junctions and sewer mains to avoid service interruptions or sewer spills.

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