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Major Projects

We manage a number of large water and sewerage projects to make sure our networks can support population growth and increased demand.

Water Meter Replacement Program

As part of our commitment to provide reliable service to our customers, we’re replacing water meters identified as being old and/or have experienced high usage.

The replacement program is being conducted on a township-by-township basis from May 2024. Read more.  

San Remo / Phillip Island Bridge Bracket Renewal Project

Works are underway for critical maintenance work on the water and sewerage pipelines that run underneath the San Remo / Phillip Island Bridge.

Floating wetlands

Floating Wetlands Pilot Project

We’re transforming a wastewater lagoon into a plant-filled wetland to explore how floating plant species can improve water quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Quality Improvement Program

Every year we make improvements to our treatment process and undertake maintenance activities to deliver better tasting water.

Sewer Main Renewals

We’re relining 676 meters of sewer pipes in Cowes to reduce the likelihood of sewer blockages and improve our sewer network.

Future projects

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