Supplier Engagement

A supplier engagement plan (SEP) documents the processes, systems and communication approaches put in place to ensure the highest levels of trust and accountability in all dealings with suppliers. It encompasses keeping the market informed about supply opportunities, managing supplier relationships during the procurement process, and managing complaints and debriefs.

For procurement of goods or services over $25k, all requests for quote or tender will be uploaded to the Tenderlink website.

For capital projects, all requests for quote or tender will also be uploaded to the Buying for Victoria website. At the moment we only apply this for construction works or services however from 1 July 2022 we may look to soon include Goods & Services.

WPW does not currently have a mailing list to subscribe to.

An organisational chart is available on our website on the current roles within the business.

A phone call to customer service can direct you to from the Strategy, Performance and Governance team to enquire about procurement opportunities. Please call 1300 720 711