• Under Bridge Pipe Inspection

    COMPLETED – August, 2023

    Westernport Water conducted an inspection of the pipes underneath the Phillip Island Bridge as part of preparations for the San Remo Bridge Bracket Renewal Project. An Under Bridge Inspection Unit (UBIU) was used for the inspection.

  • Trial works

    COMPLETED – November – December 2023.

  • Main works

    • From 26 February 2024 until December, 2024
    • Suspended scaffold will be used under the bridge so workers can safely access the pipes while minimising impacts to traffic.
    • Water and wastewater services will continue as normal while the works are occurring.
    • Marine users can expect some changes to clearance and navigation under the bridge while the works are happening. A middle section of the bridge will remain clear of scaffolding at all times to ensure tall marine vessels have full clearance under the bridge.
    • Mass limits apply to the bridge please see Heavy Vehicle FAQ’s for more information.
    • Cars will be able to cross the bridge as normal while works are occurring.
    • On rare occasions, traffic management or pilot vehicles may be required to enable access for specialised heavy vehicles, and while navigational markers for marine users are relocated. This is expected to happen at nighttime or early morning to minimise disruptions to traffic.
    • Pedestrian access across the bridge will remain open at all times, as will the pedestrian access track under the bridge at each abutment/end.

Contact us

Please email westport@westernportwater.com.au or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.