Moving house

Moving house

What to do when moving

Westernport Water knows moving house can be a busy, exciting time. To help you through the process we have outlined what you need to do in order to transfer your water account when moving.

Renters – Moving in to a rental property

If you are a renter you do not have to do anything when moving in to a rental property. The owner or property manager will let us know you are moving in and give us your details so we can set up your account.

Owners, or their agent, are responsible for completing our Renter – Move In form on behalf of incoming renter(s) at least FIVE business days before the renter moves in. Westernport Water will need unrestricted access to the water meter during this time.

As of 1st November 2023, if a valid meter reading is not provided on the “Renter – Move In” form, a meter reading will be scheduled by Westernport Water and a fee will be incurred & charged to the property owner account. A valid read must be provided within 5 days of move in date & after previous renter vacates. This fee will be revised on an annual basis.

Renters – Moving out of a rental property

It is the renter’s responsibility to advise Westernport Water when vacating a rental property.

Please complete our Renter – Move Out online form to provide us with your new address and contact details at least FIVE business days before your move. We will also need unrestricted access to your water meter during this time.

Owners – If you are buying or selling a property

If you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property, you don’t need to contact us about moving. Your solicitor or conveyancer will contact us as part of the settlement process to create or finalise your account.


Information Statements (including a basic asset location plan) and Special Meter Reads can be ordered through LANDATA.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser’s solicitor/conveyancer to ensure a balance update is obtained no greater than 3 days prior to settlement.

It is a legal responsibility under the Water Act that a Notice of Disposition/Acquisition is provided to Westernport Water upon sale of a property.

Moving House Forms