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Future projects

The key focus for the Corporation over the next three years is the progressive upgrade of wastewater collection, transfer and treatment system and upgrades to the tertiary treatment process at the corporations Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant that produces our drinking water.

Cowes Wastewater Treatment Upgrade - Stage 2

Construction of a new clarifier, refurbishments of the existing clarifiers and EPA works approval, functional design and tendering. Clarifiers are used to purify water.

Odour and Corrosion mitigation program

Various sewer pumping systems create gases that are both odorous and corrosive toward concrete and metal.  This project aims to establish a strategy that will better understand the problem areas combined with the action plans required to implement solutions.

Solutions are likely to involve:

  1. An air treatment facility
  2. Chemical treatment
  3. Replacement of corroded sewer manholes

San Remo Basin Renewal Project

San Remo Basin is Westernport Water’s main drinking water storage in our water distribution system. It is a 28ML polyethelene lined (PE) and covered water storage. It is one of Westernport Water’s most critical assets for the provision of water across our distribution network.

This project is a renewal project that will directly address water supply security.

San Remo to Basin to Cowes 648 Pipeline Valve Renewal Project

Under development, for information on future projects please contact 1300 720 711.

Sewer Junction Rebuild Program

Fix collapsed sewer junctions and sewer mains to avoid service interruptions or sewer spills.

Sustainable Water Reuse and Land Management

Expansion of wastewater treatment plants for irrigation to increase recycled water use.

Sewer Main Renewals

SPS Electrical Switchboard Renewal Program

Renewal of switchboards that are in poor condition. This will prevent ensure that Westernport Water continues to provide reliable services the meet our customers’ needs and there is no unplanned discharge of sewerage in to environment.

Water Main Replacement Program

The rehabilitation and/or replacement of the next stage of the Water Main Replacement Program will:

  • improve service reliability and water quality
  • reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • reduce potential property damage if the water main were to fail.