Future projects

The key focus for the Corporation over the next three years is the progressive upgrade of wastewater collection, transfer and treatment system and upgrades to the tertiary treatment process at the corporations Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant that produces our drinking water.

San Remo Basin Renewal Project

San Remo Basin is Westernport Water’s main drinking water storage in our water distribution system. It is a 28ML polyethelene lined (PE) and covered water storage. It is one of Westernport Water’s most critical assets for the provision of water across our distribution network.

In November 2011, a significant leak was noticed through the basin liner. An investigation highlighted a fracture in the liner at the inlet pipe connection flange. Similar liner failures had been experienced by other water utilities over the past 8 years.

This project is a renewal project that will directly address water supply security.

San Remo to Newhaven Bridge Pipeline and Fittings Renewal Project

Under development, for information on future projects please contact 1300 720 711.

Zone Metering and Pressure Management

Pressure management and zone metering is considered industry leading practice for progressive water utilities.

The installation of pressure reducing valves will:

  • Reduce stress on water pipelines thus increasing the effective useful life and
  • Reduced water pressure and hence minimise water leakage volumes.

The installation of zone metering will:

  • Assist Westernport Water to reduce “Unaccounted for Water” by increased flow monitoring accuracy.

This project involves the installation of pressure reducing valves and flowmeters in seven water supply zones. The pressure reducing stations will have variable pressure setpoints to enable pressure to be further reduced when demand is low.