Construction site

Future projects

Our investments for the next pricing period (2023-28) aim to address customer priorities for water quality improvements, environmentally responsible operations and sustainable services.

Recycled Water Wetland Storage

Design and construction of a wetland system at King Road Wastewater Treatment Plant to improve wastewater quality, sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity, and allow for potential recreational access in the future. Commencing 2025.


Water Quality Continuous Improvement Program

A series of projects to plan for and deliver water quality improvements, including research into emerging treatment technology. Commencing 2023.


solar panels

Renewable Energy Generation

Installation of solar systems at key sites including Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant, Newhaven HQ and the Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant to increase renewable energy generation. Commencing in 2025.


Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Systems Future

Upgrades to the wastewater network to support growth.


Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Stage 3

Upgrades and refurbishments to support growth and meet EPA obligations.


Customer survey

Asset Management System Upgrade

Upgrades to an outdated system to improve efficiencies and reduce manual processes.


Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency Project

Energy saving efficiency measures at Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant and Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant to reduce electricity consumption. Commencing 2023.


Sustainable Reuse and Afforestation

Expansion of on-site recycled water at Cowes and King Road Wastewater Treatment Plants, with options for revegetating our agricultural land.


King Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station Upgrade

Upgrades to the irrigation pump station capacity to meet the demand of our growing communities and reduce manual intervention.