Application to build over or near an asset or easement

If you’re planning to build over or near any Westernport Water (WPW) underground assets or easements, you’ll need to get our consent before starting any work.

Please note, it is WPW’s preference that reasonable steps are taken to design the proposed works so that access to the asset is not compromised.  Structures built over or near our assets or easements must meet our standard clearance requirements and foundation criteria to protect our assets. This ensures the proposed structures and existing pipe networks are built to our standards.

To build near or over WPW assets or easements, assessment is required prior to granting consent, which requires the below application form and standard application fee of $136.98.

Please refer to WPW’s build over guidelines for further information prior to application lodgment as a non-refundable application fee applies. (LandDevelopmentManual_Appendix8).

Documents required

Important: To avoid delays, the below application must be completed in full and must be submitted together with the relevant supporting information:

  • contact details – email, phone, and postal address
  • property address – including title lot number
  • short description of your planned structure – type, location within the property, dimensions, and clearances
  • site/survey plan of the property
  • Preliminary plans – including standard drawings showing general dimensions and clearances to WPW assets and easements.
  • Construction plans that include
    • footing details (type, depth etc.) showing WPW assets in trench area and angle of repose,
    • zone of influence of WPW maintenance structures,
    • floor slab details to make sure non-structural Infill slabs over WPW assets,
    • proposed structure clearance to WPW assets,
    • height clearance to cantilevered eaves, balconies,
    • pool construction drawings, etc.
  • photographs of the affected area (if available)
  • All plans to be Marked “Final” or “For Construction”
Approval process

You can’t start building without application lodgment, payment of application fees and confirmation of our approval.

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and site-specific restrictions will apply.  Prior to building commencement, the property owner needs to enter into a Build Over Agreement with WPW that defines liability and any ongoing requirements.


    Email address:

    Contact phone number:

    Property address (including Lot number):

    Please describe the planned structure, (including type, location within the property, dimensions, and clearances):

    Site plan of the Property:

    Preliminary Plans:

    Construction Plans:

    Photographs of the affected area (if available):


    Terms and Conditions

    The information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
    Upon submission of this application, Customer Relations will make contact to facilitate payment of the application fee stated above.
    Westernport Water may refuse this application if it becomes evident that any information or supporting documents provided are incomplete, or that a build over is not required.
    Application fees are non-refundable.
    If the information provided is insufficient to fully assess this application, you may be required to provide further details. This may delay the processing of the application.
    Acceptance of this application and fees for processing only relates to this application and should not be construed as approval for any other structure or location.
    Where an application is made by an agent of the owner, the agent warrants that it makes, and has full authority from the owner to make this application on behalf of the owner. The agent also agrees to provide a copy of this application form and all conditions of consent to the owner.
    Where an application is made by an agent of the owner, the agent authorises Westernport Water to provide any information relating to this application and erection of the structure to the owner.
    Construction over or near a Westernport Water asset or within a Westernport Water easement without consent is an offence under section 148 of the Water Act 1989 (VIC).

    Westernport Water uses this form to collect information, including personal information, from members of the public. The Corporation will use this personal information only for the purpose for which it is collected [or for an associated secondary purpose]. For further information please refer to Westernport Water’s Privacy Policy.