Build Over Easement Request Form

Please fill in the form below and a Technical Officer from Westernport Water will contact you to discuss your Build Over Application.

If a build over is required, you will be sent an agreement document and be required to do the following:

  • application fee of $121.34 will need to be paid
  • two agreement forms need to be printed
  • owner needs to sign both agreement forms
  • return the printed signed documents (not photocopies) to Westernport Water via mail or brought in to the office with your payment (we do NOT accept email or fax)
  • supply a detailed plan showing the angle of repose, detailing the sewer offsets and depths in relation to the works you would like to construct
  • once you have returned the agreements and payment, Westernport Water will assess your application, if your build over is approved a signed copy will be returned for your records.

    Reason for build over

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