Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme

Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme delivers Class A recycled water to new residential developments, sporting facilities, recreation reserves, as well as agricultural land located along the purple pipe network between Wimbledon Heights and the Cowes / Ventnor area on Phillip Island.

Recycling and reusing wastewater is an important element in Westernport Water’s strategy to reduce the pressure on our drinking water supplies and at the same time reduce our environmental impact.

Westernport Water’s Regional Health and Environmental Management Plan (HEMP) is a comprehensive document that provides information about how the Westernport Water manage public health and environmental aspects in realtion to the Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme. Click here view the HEMP document (2.22MB)

For a detailed overview of recycled water available on Phillip Island including location information, Class A recycled water quality, its safe uses and the way Westernport Water manage recycled water in the environment check out our guide to Class A Recycled Water.

Click here to download the ‘Class A Recycled Water Guide’ (PDF 942 KB)

Recycled Water Pipeline Network map