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Artwork titled: Island Dreaming  By: Graham Gilbert – Wiradjuri man. Read about Graham’s art in Westernport Water’s Innovate RAP (2023-2025)


Water Corporations manage a resource considered by Aboriginal people to be one of the most important and sacred – water. We all need water to survive, and protecting and managing our waterways is just one example of where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and businesses need to work in partnership.


Westernport Water acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as First Nations People and that the land, sea and water are of spiritual, cultural and economic importance. We recognise that we provide services on the traditional lands of the Bunurong Peoples of the Kulin Nation. The Bunurong Peoples have managed the resources on Millowl for thousands of years. We acknowledge them and their continued connection to this place, as we go about managing the water resources today.

Sorry Day – Sunday 26 May

We welcome all First Nations peoples and allies to join us in remembrance on this important day. The event is being held at the Nobbies Centre on Phillip Island from 10.30am, and will begin with a Traditional Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country followed by truthtelling and a community gathering. A light lunch will be provided.

National Reconciliation Week 2024

National Reconciliation Week is a time to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to reconciliation. The theme for 2024, Now More Than Ever, is a reminder to all of us that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will, and must continue. You can get involved by 2024 NRW – Now more than ever – BCRN poster.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan cover featuring Aboriginal Art set on a blue background.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (October 2023 – October 2025)

Reconciliation Australia adopted Westernport Water’s third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) on 17 October 2023.  The Innovate RAP will enable Westernport Water to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation based on the core pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities.  Read the Westernport Water Innovate RAP 2023-2025

Upcoming Events

As a leading member of the Bass Coast Reconciliation Network, Westernport Water co-hosts numerous events. We will update the list below for events in 2024 as soon as details are set:

Our RAP Working Group

Consists of members of Westernport Water’s workforce and includes representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community and businesses such as the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.

RAP Working Group – Terms of Reference – Approved 10-09-2021

Seeking new members

We’re inviting Bunurong Traditional Owners and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community members to be part of our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group. Provide guidance, knowledge and perspectives that contribute to improved outcomes for Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander people. Positions are paid.
To apply, give us a call on 1300 720 711 or send us an email to
BCRN Welcome to Country video

Welcome to Country Video

Click the image to view our Welcome to Country video, produced by the Bass Coast Reconciliation Network and Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.

Bass Coast Reconciliation Network

We’re proud to be a member of the Bass Coast Reconciliation Network (BCRN) along with community representatives, the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, Bass Coast South Gippsland Reconciliation Group, Yowengarra Bun Wurrung Balug Clans Aboriginal Corporation, and four of Bass Coast’s leading organisations including Bass Coast Shire Council, Bass Coast Health, Phillip Island Nature Parks and Westernport Water.

The BCRN was established in 2019 and seeks to create a shared future of recognition, opportunity and true partnerships with Traditional Owners and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

The Network is an action-based group of organisations committed to:

  • sharing time, resources, and knowledge
  • being a conduit for organisational and community networking
  • building organisational and community knowledge and understanding of reconciliation
  • driving positive social change
  • presenting a united ‘organisational’ approach to reconciliation

See the video created by BCRN for 2020 Reconciliation Week

BCRN Reconciliation Week Video

Completed Reconciliation Action Plans

Click on the accordion below to view our completed Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPS)

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Our REFLECT RAP was our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

It was an agreed plan of how Westernport Water intended to contribute to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and their connection to the land and waterways. This RAP committed to implement specific actions that built respectful relationships and outlined opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Westernport Water was at the beginning of its RAP journey to reconciliation and recognition in 2018, focusing on building the foundations for relationships, respect and opportunities as it developed and implemented the actions identified in its Reflect RAP.

View Westernport Water’s endorsed Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2019 – Adopted

Our second RAP, was an INNOVATE RAP.

An Innovate RAP focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, developing and piloting innovative strategies to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Talking, walking, and working together, we aimed to build trust and respectful relationships with Traditional Custodians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to enable us to achieve positive social change and support the national reconciliation movement.

Innovate RAP May 2020-2022 (5.5 MB)

Past media releases ~ Reconciliation

Click on the accordion below to view media releases we’ve written about past reconciliation topics and events.

Reconciliation is Grounded in Truth (Published

On the road to Reconciliation

Read about how Westernport Water started our Reconciliation journey in 2018.