Corporate Strategy

Westernport Water leads through collaboration and innovation to deliver sustainable water and wastewater services that improve the health and liveability of our community.

The core functions of Westernport Water are to provide drinking water, recycled water, and wastewater services wherever economically, environmentally and socially practicable, to properties and communities throughout its district.

It is acknowledged that Westernport Water provide services on the traditional lands of the Bunurong and Boonwurrung peoples, who played an important role over thousands of years in managing the natural resources on Phillip Island, or Millowl as it is traditionally known. We acknowledge our Traditional Owners as we continue to manage these resources.

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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan – 2022-2027 outlines the strategies and approaches of Westernport Water to achieve its vision.

Price Submission 2023-2028

Every five years, Victorian water corporations are required to undertake a water price review by engaging customers about water and wastewater services, and the standards that customers desire from their water provider – balancing quality of outcomes with affordable prices.

Our proposal for the 2023-28 pricing period focuses on affordable prices, quality drinking water, reliable and responsive services and climate change action.

Price submission

Price Submission for 2018-23

The water price submission has been sets out our proposed prices, service standards and customer outcomes for the next five-year regulatory period. It is available on the Essential Services Commission website.

Signing paper

Statement of Obligation (SoO)

Under s. 4l of the Water Industry Act 1994, the Minister for Water may make and issue statements of obligations to water corporations.

These statements specify the obligations of Victoria’s water corporations in relation to the performance of their functions and the exercise of their powers.

Statement of Obligations (General)
This statement sets out a broad range of obligations and guiding principles applicable to all water corporations. It revokes and replaces all previous statements of obligations made and issued to a water corporation under s. 4I of the Water Industry Act 1994, with the exception of the Statement of Obligations (System Management) issued by the Minister for Water on 16 January 2015.

Statements of obligations (Emission Reduction)
This statement sets out the obligations on all 19 water corporations in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Gippsland working together

The Gippsland Strategic Alliance is a collective established in 2013 comprising of five Gippsland Water Corporations including Westernport Water; East Gippsland Water; Gippsland Water; South Gippsland Water and most recently, Southern Rural Water. The objective of the alliance is to share resources and knowledge; evaluate procurement opportunities, as well as identify efficiencies and savings that will benefit all Gippsland corporations. This work is sanctioned by all Corporations’ Boards signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a three year term.