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Customer charter

What is a customer charter?

A customer charter outlines the commitments, responsibilities and standards of service that Westernport Water provides to customers, as outlined by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The ESC Customer Service Code for metropolitan retail and regional water businesses includes specific standards and conditions of service that Westernport Water has committed to provide. If your property is connected to its system, Westernport Water will provide the relevant service in accordance with its customer charter and the ESC’s Customer Service Code.

A very important aspect of the customer charter is that Westernport Water is measured externally on how well it meets its commitments. This information will be publicly available, so you will know if we are doing what we say we will do. The initiatives outlined in our customer charter are our guarantee that Westernport Water works to understand your needs and meet your expectations.

Read our full Customer Charter 2023-28 or our Customer Charter Summary.

Customer Charter Summary
This brochure outlines the commitments, responsibilities and standards of water and wastewater services provided to our customers. It also contains helpful information should you wish to contact us on any matter related to our services or if you are seeking advice.