Use Water Wisely

Most of us take water for granted. We expect it to flow out of our taps every day and we rarely give it a second thought. But it’s a precious resource and one we need to use more wisely.

We all want to do the right thing which is why we’re working with The Water Conservancy to help you understand, value, and use water efficiently.

Explore the content across these pages to find our how by making small changes in your behaviour and choosing water efficient products when you are shopping you can ensure you keep your water use efficient whilst still having a beautiful home and garden.

Why Save Water

Saving water helps our environment, the planet and our bank balance.  Watch Laura Wells, Environmental Advocate, explain why saving water is so important.


Explore different parts of your home to find out how to make small changes in your behaviour to use water more efficiently.


Using water-saving technologies and proper planning you can have an attractive and productive garden.  Find out how.


Businesses in our region all rely on water. Find out how you can use the right amount of water for your business.

Choosing Products

When purchasing products that use water be sure to choose a top rated WELS product or one certified by Smart Approved WaterMark.

Assessing water use

Explore The Blue House and have a play with the water calculator to gain a better understanding of the way you use water in your home.