2021-22 Community Support Program

2021-22 Community Support Program

Round 2 applications are now CLOSED.

The next round will be for events and projects taking place in the 2022-23 financial year.

Applications will open between June and July. More information will be released closer to the end of the 2021-22 financial year.

2021-22 CSP Recipients (Round 2)

Westernport Water is proud to announce that over $10,750 will be distributed to 5 community organisations for Round two of our Community Support Program for 2021-22.  Recipients include:

  • Little Penguin Dash event – PI Football and Netball Club & Woolamai Beach SLSC
  • Channel Challenge – Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  • Newhaven Primary School
  • San Remo Pre-School
  • PICAL (Phillip Island Community Adult Learning Centre)

2021-22 CSP Recipients (Round 1)

Westernport Water is proud to announce that over $14,500 will be distributed to 7 community organisations for Round one of our Community Support Program for 2021-22.  Recipients include:

  • Powlett River Primary School
  • Kernot Grantville Fire Brigade
  • Bass Valley Community Group
  • Phillip Island Fire Brigade
  • Cowes Yacht Club
  • Phillip Island and District Basketball Association
  • Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Community Support Program outline

Westernport Water is a long-time supporter of local organisations, charities, not-for-profit community groups and events within our service area, via our Sponsorship and Donations Policy.

The Community Support Program for the 2021-2022 financial year commits $35,000, made available through two funding rounds. Not-for-profit community groups, including incorporated community groups, management committees, volunteer groups and schools may submit applications for round two between 1 December 2021 – 30 January 2022 for the 2021-22 financial year period.

We believe it is important that the initiatives and projects we support make a significant impact to our region, building positive change in our local communities.

We will offer consideration to sponsorship applications that align with our commitment to support a more sustainable community, are associated with the key themes of healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet, and at least one of the following six categories:

  • water and wastewater literacy and education, water conservation
  • environmental wellbeing/sustainability
  • health and liveability of our community
  • social wellbeing of our community
  • cultural heritage / Aboriginal water values.

Community Support Program – FAQ – 2021-22 – Round 2

Terms and conditions

Find out all you need to know to prepare a successful application.

Community Support Program – T&C’s – 2021-22 – Round 2

Application period

Round 2 applications – Open 1 December and close 30 January 2022

We will offer consideration to sponsorship applications that align with our commitment to support a more sustainable community, are associated with the three key themes and at least one of the following six categories outlined in our Terms and Conditions document.

To ensure your application has the best chance, please address all required information, paying particular care to make your application relevant to the themes and categories, and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria below.

Please also refer to the Terms and Conditions section for information about the uncertainty around the impacts of coronavirus and how this may affect your event, activity and or application.

Types of sponsorship available

We offer five main categories of sponsorship:

      1. Financial support for events
        Not-for-profit community groups, management committees, volunteer groups or schools can apply for financial support for an event up to $1,000.
      2. Financial support for projects
        Not-for-profit community groups, management committees, volunteer groups or schools can apply for financial support for a project up to $3,000.
        Some projects examples include:
        – weed control
        – revegetation using indigenous plants
        – improving the health of local waterways
        – building a school vegetable garden or sustainable indigenous garden bed for teaching purposes
        – purchase of a water tank etc.
      3. Permanent water stations
        Westernport Water may support the application for the purchase or installation of a permanent water fountain at your not-for-profit community area or facility. Funding will not exceed $3,000 for the purchase of a unit. Balance of funds is to be provided by the applicant.
      4. Choose Tap
        – Hydration kits for sports clubs (reusable team water bottles and carriers)
        – Merchandise such as reusable Choose Tap water bottles
      5. In-kind support
        – provision of technical expertise from within the organisation to assist with a specific short-term project or event.
        – provision of water and compost at reduced or no cost.*
        – advertising sign on our roadside Billboard
        – use of our portable Water Fountains and Hydration Station trailer for your event.*

      *Note: limits or conditions may apply.


To be eligible to apply and receive community sponsorship from Westernport Water, your event, initiative or campaign will be assessed against set criteria and conditions.

Applications will be viewed favourably if they:

  • positively promote Westernport Water’s products or services
  • align with or support key themes – healthy people, healthy communities and healthy planet
  • help engage or build strong community relationships
  • provide shared community benefit through partnerships.

To be eligible for the Community Support Program your application must meet the following criteria:

  • be located or held within Westernport Water’s service area
  • provide evidence of your not-for-profit status (incorporated community groups, management committees, volunteer groups or school etc)
  • must be single-use plastic water bottle free (if you are requesting event support)
  • recognise Westernport Water as a Sponsor and/or Event Partner
  • positively promote Westernport Water by aligning with the key themes listed above

Westernport Water will NOT support sponsorships that:

  • are for projects/initiatives outside our service region
  • could attract adverse community criticism
  • could attract high level COVID related risk/s
  • request open-ended sponsorship
  • have outstanding evaluation or acquittal reports from previous applications
  • aim to deliver or replace core government services
  • seek donations for fundraising teams or individuals for charity
  • seek retrospective funding or budget deficits
  • fund political campaigns or groups seeking support for personal interests
  • fund events that discriminate adversely against any persons, organisations or group
  • have a co-sponsor supplying bottled water to the project/event
  • have a co-sponsor whose values don’t align with our values
  • fund projects which conflict with Government Policy or objectives
  • fund organisations supportive of or with visible links to tobacco, gaming, alcohol or drug-related issues
  • fund proposals that do not align with the overall intent of the sponsorship objectives in our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  • do not comply with the Information Privacy Act 2000.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorship acknowledgement

Successful recipients will be required to acknowledge Westernport Water’s sponsorship/support. The acknowledgement must comply with Westernport Water’s Brand and Style Guide and clearly indicate the support for the sponsored activity. This includes:

  • media acknowledgment in any print, television or radio exposure
  • recognising Westernport Water as an Event Partner on the event’s website/web page at least two weeks prior to the event/program
  • acknowledging Westernport Water as an Event Partner on at least one event-related social media channel (eg Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) at least one week prior to the event/program
  • inclusion of the Westernport Water logo on posters and any printed marketing materials
  • signage on site reflecting Westernport Water’s support as an Event Partner (pull-up banners and flags can be borrowed for event duration)
  • acknowledgment on day of event by MC (if applicable)
  • post event acknowledgment in press and or public notices (if applicable)
  • invitation for a Westernport Water representatives to attend the event or oversee project, and take photos for promotional use (if applicable)
  • sharing three high resolution event/program-related images with Westernport Water within five business days of the event’s completion with authorisation to use these images for promotional purposes
  • Westernport Water must sight and approve all marketing material where the corporate identity will appear.
  • applications must be submitted online using the Community Support Program Application Form
  • applications for Round 2 of the 2021-22 Community Support Program can be submitted between 1 December 2021 – 30 January 2021 
  • Westernport Water reserves the right to decline proposals that do and don’t meet the detailed criteria and to terminate agreements if they fail to meet the agreed commitments.
  • successful applicants will receive a letter inviting them to enter into a sponsorship agreement by completing a Funding Agreement Form
  • funding must be spent in the 2021-22 financial year
  • all grant recipients must provide a tax invoice or signed “statement by supplier” to obtain sponsorship funds
  • successful applicants must complete an Acquittal Form within three months of the project being completed, received no later than 2 June 2022.
Failure to comply with T&C’s

Westernport Water reserves the right to terminate the Sponsorship Agreement or seek repayment of any funding if:

  • the recipient fails to meet the obligations outlined in the T&C’s
  • it believes that the applicant has spent funding on items not associated with its original application and allocated purpose or has otherwise misappropriated the funds
  • the applicant has not completed the Acquittal Form. Failure to supply an Acquittal Form will result in applicants being ineligible for sponsorship in subsequent years until a completed Acquittal Form is provided
  • any funds are not expended by 30 June 2022, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Inability to meet the T&C’s of the Sponsorship Agreement will render applicants ineligible for sponsorship in the future

Supporting attachments

Where required, supporting documentation helps us to assess your application and can be used to demonstrate that your project has broad community support or identified as a key priority by stakeholders. They might include:

  • project quotes or plans
  • letters of support: Should be provided if they are relevant to the application i.e. project partner or a group that will directly benefit from the project or are providing funds and/or in-kind support
  • photos or newspapers cuttings from previous activities (if available)
  • business or development plans, feasibility studies, masterplans, community plans, etc.
  • constitution, articles of association or memorandum.


Application form

Round 2 opens
1 Dec 2021 to 30 Jan 2022.

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