Weekly storage level data

Candowie Storage Capacity 4,463ML

4463 million litres
Same as last week

Permanent Water Saving Rules

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Weekly information 3 September 201920192018
Weekly usage (megalitres – ML) 31.315

Daily average usage (ML)


Peak daily usage (ML)



Reservoir level (ML)


Current reservoir level (%)100%74.8%
Rainfall (millimetres)21.25mm

Historical storage levels

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Annual Water Outlook

The Annual Water Outlook provides Westernport Water’s water availability from 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2019. The outlook for the upcoming year shows that water supplies will be sufficient to meet supply and demand requirements to the end of the period, with no need to change restriction levels from Permanent Water Saving Rules.

At a glance

  • Water supplies will meet demand to 30 Nov 2019 under normal to dry scenarios
  • No change to Permanent Water Saving Rules
  • Nov-Jan is likely to be warmer than average
  • Forecast drier than average for eastern Australia for Nov-Jan.

Download a copy of Westernport Water’s Annual Water Outlook 2018

Price determination is governed by the Water Industry Regulatory Order (101 KB) and the Statement of Obligations Water Industry Act 1994 (110 KB).

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