Weekly storage level data

Candowie Storage Capacity 4,463ML

4451 million litres
Less than last week

Permanent Water Saving Rules

Five simple and easy to remember, common sense rules… Read More

Weekly storage levels

Weekly information 20 September 202120212020
Weekly usage (megalitres – ML) 36.489

Daily average usage (ML)

Peak daily usage (ML)

Reservoir level (ML)


Current reservoir level (%)99.7%100%

Rainfall (millimetres)04.5

Historical storage levels

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Annual Water Outlook

The Annual Water Outlook provides Westernport Water’s water availability from 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021. The outlook for the upcoming year shows that the water supply will be sufficient to meet demand.

Download a copy of the Annual Water Outlook 2020 (143KB)

At a glance

Water supply sufficient

Water supply is sufficient to meet demand for the year ahead.

Tap blue

Water restrictions are not expected for the year ahead.

Water nozzle

Permanent Water Saving Rules still apply.


Average temperatures during December to February are likely to be above the long-term average.

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Wetter than avg. 70% chance of exceeding above avg. rainfall this summer.

The Bureau of Metrology advises that wetter than average 70% chance of exceeding above-average rainfall due to La Nina for eastern Australia.