Dona Tantirimudalige

Dona Tantirimudalige

Managing Director

Dona Tantirimudalige was appointed Managing Director in September 2021.

Dona is an experienced leader within the Victorian water industry and has a strong passion for the role of the public sector in creating a fair and just society.

Dona has six years of experience as a Board Director and 23 years of experience in the water industry across strategic planning, customer experience, and the asset life cycle. Dona is the current Chair of Springvale Monash Legal Services, past Chair of Women’s Health in the South East, and the outgoing president of the Institute of Water Administration.

Prior to joining Westernport Water, Dona was the General Manager of Distribution Services at Yarra Valley Water, responsible for managing water, recycled water and sewerage infrastructure to agreed levels of service and in accordance with environmental performance standards.

Dona is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Masters in Public Policy & Management and a Bachelor of Engineering (civil – honours).

Gareth Kennedy

Gareth Kennedy

General Manager - Customer and Community

BA, GDip PubPolicy & Mgt

Gareth Kennedy was appointed General Manager Customer & Community in July 2016.

Gareth is responsible for the Customer & Community Division, whose functions include customer service, meter reading, revenue collection, hardship assistance, community engagement, customer research, stakeholder management, communications and business transformation. He is also responsible for organisational strategies that support pricing, corporate social responsibility and reconciliation.

Customer & Community is made up of departments including:
• Customer Relations - Leads a customer-first culture across the business, making it easy for customers to access the information and services they need and want

• Customer Service - Responsible for key strategic communications, education, sponsorship, community engagement, stakeholder management and media liaison

• Business System Improvement - Responsible for implementing the Business Transformation Project to replace and upgrade ICT infrastructure and corporate systems to meet expectations of internal and external customers.

Gareth is Westernport Water’s representative on the Gippsland Regional Water Alliance, which seeks to deliver shared efficiencies and business improvements through a partnership of Gippsland water corporations.

Paul Donohue

Paul Donohue

General Manager - Assets and Operations

BE(Civil), MIEM
FIEAust, CPEng, EngExec, NER

Paul Donohue was appointed General Manager Assets & Operations in July 2016.

Paul is responsible for the Assets & Operations Division. This area focuses on delivering safe, sustainable and reliable water and wastewater services; ensuring we meet desired customer service levels and environmental performance standards in an increasingly variable climate.

Assets & Operations is made up of departments including:
• Environment & Product Performance - Monitor and report on water and wastewater (product quality) performance, catchment management and receiving environment management, adaptive planning and integrated water management in response to climate change, reuse, irrigation and Farm Management and energy optimisation

• Asset Strategy, Planning & Performance- Optimise the performance of water, waste water and gas assets, manage long-term requirements of the assets, developing asset strategies, standards and plans, hydraulic modelling, GIS, SCADA and AMIS

• Engineering & Construction - Deliver the capital works program, provide design and engineering services for all water, waste water and gas assets, project management, contract management, Development Services, Trade Waste and Connections

• Operations and Maintenance - Manage, operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants consistent with regulatory requirements and standards, deliver asset maintenance and lead responsive reactive (breakdown) maintenance and response to faults and emergencies.

Lisa Caldwell

Lisa Caldwell

General Manager - Corporate and People


Lisa Caldwell was appointed General Manager Corporate & People in July 2016.

Lisa is responsible for the Corporate & People Division. This area focuses on enabling and advancing the corporate functions within our business; working to ensure that we meet standards of good governance, regulatory compliance and business excellence. The Division works towards making WPW a great place to work where people go home safe and well every day.

Corporate & People is made up of departments including:
• Finance – Financial reporting, budgeting, audit and management of WPW accounts

• Information & Communication Technology – ICT project and daily support, telecommunications, knowledge management

• Strategy, Performance & Governance – Strategic planning, performance reporting, compliance, governance advice, internal audit, procurement, fleet and facilities management

• People and Culture – Human Resources management, industrial relations, organisational development, culture, recruitment, training, payroll, change management and workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

Lisa is a 2017 graduate and fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust Water and Environment program.