Social Procurement

Procurement is a core business function at Westernport Water (WPW) and we recognise the importance that social procurement planning has to our local economy.

The development of our 2021-24 Social Procurement Strategy will guide and assist in the continual improvement in social procurement at WPW.

Key takeaways from this strategy are:

  • WPW will continue to focus our efforts on outcomes for both Victorian Aboriginal People and Sustainable Victorian social enterprises and Aboriginal business sectors.
  • A new focus has been placed on meeting the sustainability objectives and work towards achieving outcomes in each of the following:
    • Environmentally sustainable outputs;
    • Environmentally sustainable business practices; and
    • Implementation of the Climate Change Policy Objectives.
  • WPW will continue to apply a 10% weighting to all contracts with a spend over $25,000, which is in-line with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Region’s (DJPR) expectations.