Water Efficient Practices for Business

There are many opportunities to reduce the water used in businesses across Australia. It may be on the production line, in the office or perhaps the kitchens and bathrooms of your workplace. Find out how you can use the right amount of water for your business.


Whether your project is a house, a small building, a roadway or a land development, your decisions can have a big impact on how water is used now and for years to come.


Discover how to use just the right amount of water in greenhouses, vegetable growing and orchards.


Experience in the hospitality sector is showing that conserving water will not only save money, it will also provide an important marketing edge in a very competitive industry.


Whether you run a production, wholesale, or retail site, an adequate supply of water is always important. However, you may not be aware of the large amount of water wastage.


Laundries use large volumes of water with potential for significant water efficiency and cost savings.