Find the source of your water issue

The first step in solving your water quality problem is to work out whether the problem is in the water supply or in your plumbing. Below are some general guidelines.

  • Cross Connections

    Water quality problems can be introduced from sources other than drinking water on your property. You need to make sure there are no cross-connections between the drinking water supply and other water sources. For example, recycled or storm water. If you are supplied with recycled water we recommend performing a check for cross connections annually further information can be found on our recycled water page. Your plumber can make sure there are no cross connections.

    Water storage like rainwater tanks, bores and swimming pools have the potential to backflow into drinking water supply. This has the potential to contaminate drinking water supply and create a public health risk for not only the residents at the property but also the local community. Most new meters have backflow prevention devices fitted, however if you have concerns, your plumber has the ability to install backflow prevention.

  • How to differentiate between a water supply issue or an internal plumbing issue at the property

    If the problem is in the water supply, it will occur at every tap on the property, including the garden taps. If it doesn’t, then the source is more likely to be somewhere in your plumbing.

    If the problem does not occur on your cold water taps, there is a strong chance the cause of the problem is your hot water service. It could also be in the plumbing connected to the hot water service..

  • The problem goes away after running the water

    If the problem is in the water supply, it will not disappear after a few minutes of running the water.

Next steps

For all problems in your own plumbing, call a qualified plumber to have the problem resolved.

If you believe there is a water quality issue in our water mains, please contact us.

If you haven’t been able to work out the source of the problem, please contact us for help on 1300 720 711 or email