Water conservation

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Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSRs)

These are a series of common sense rules that all customers supplied water by Westernport Water are obliged to follow day to day to ensure water is not wasted. These rules are set out in legislative instruments known as Permanent Water Saving Plans and are in place on a permanent and ongoing basis, even when water restrictions are not required.

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Garden and plant advice

Water needs for gardening can be high at certain times of the year. Westernport Water encourages the establishment of low water use gardens, focussed on making use of local plants. Here are some great resources to use:

Sustaining gardens in dry times brochure

Indigenous Plants of Bass Coast brochure

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Swimming pools

Before filling new pools/spas (with a capacity of 2000 litres or more), a water conservation plan that details water conservation measures must be lodged with, and approved by, Westernport Water. A water conservation plan and exemption restriction application form (53.51 KB) is available or you can contact the customer service team on 1300 720 711 for a copy.  The plan must show that the volume of water needed to fill the pool or spa will be, or has been, offset by water saved around the home.

New pools or spas that hold less than 2000 litres of water can be filled without a water conservation plan, and previously filled pools or spas of any size may be topped up by any means at any time.

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Water audits

In particular circumstances, Westernport Water can perform an audit of your property to provide you with advice and assistance on water efficient appliances and fixtures. Contact us at 1300 720 711 or email us at westport@westernportwater.com.au.

Easy check for water leaks

The simple way to check for water leaks is by reading the water meter at night after the last use. Check the meter again in the morning before household use resumes. This will provide a gauge for comparison. If the reading has changed, and the meter is still ticking, you may have a leak somewhere that needs attention. Call your plumber.


High water use – special consideration

Sometimes water usage is higher than normal such as when there is a leak. Customers can use the special consideration for high water usage application form (46.19 KB). Contact us on 1300 720 711 or email westport@westernportwater.com.au for more information.

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Grey water

Grey water is water typically collected from baths, sinks, hand basins and washing machine. It does not include water from the toilet.
Water from dishwashers is also technically greywater, however the high concentration of food wastes and chemicals mean that it is less suitable for reuse.

Benefits of using greywater

  • Decreases your water bills
  • Reduces the amount of discharge to oceans or rivers
  • Irrigates your garden during dry periods
  • Can be used to keep gardens alive when restrictions prevent the use of drinking water

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WaterMAP for high-flow non-residential users

The Victorian Government requires all major non-residential water users that consume 10 megalitres (ML) a year or more of a water from an urban water supply to improve their water efficiency through the preparation and implementation of their own water Management Action Plan (waterMAP).

All waterMAP customers must annually report to Westernport Water on the implementation of their waterMAP and water savings and review their waterMAP at the request of the Corporation.

Permanent Water Savings Plan
WaterMAP handbook (2.08 MB)

If you require any further information call us on 1300 720 711 or email westport@westernportwater.com.au.