Final decision on pricing submission

In June 2023 the Essential Services Commission released its final decision on Westernport Water’s price submission.  The final decision completes a review of the maximum prices that Westernport Water may charge for its services for a five-year regulatory period from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2028.

The final decision follows a detailed proposal by Westernport Water, which was carefully scrutinised by the commission, and consultation with customers and the community on a draft decision released in December last year.

About our five year pricing plan

Every five years, Victorian water corporations are required to undertake a water price review by engaging customers about water and wastewater services, and the standards that customers desire from their water provider – balancing quality of outcomes with affordable prices.

Price reviews are overseen by the water industry regulator, the Essential Services Commission, who considers and approves each pricing proposal.

Over an 18-month engagement period we asked customers to tell us what they expected and valued most from their water provider. Overwhelmingly, customers told us they wanted affordable pricesquality drinking water, reliable and responsive services and climate change action now. So that’s what we propose to focus on in our next pricing period (2023-28).

Price Submission Highlights

  • Little to no price increase (excluding CPI)

    • Average residential bills will increase by $3 in 2023-24. There will be no bill increases from 2024 to 2028.
    • Tenants will continue to have the cheapest average bills in Victoria
  • More action on climate change – at a faster pace

    • $20M investment
    • 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Major water quality improvement program

    • $6M investment
    • New water quality technologies
  • $42.28M capital works program

    • To deliver improvements and meet the demands of our growing region
  • Reduction in fixed charges

    • Balanced by 2% increase in water usage charges)
  • New customer panel

    • To review our annual performance and keep us on track

New Customer Outcomes

Our new customer outcomes reflect the themes you told us were most important to you.

Our $42.28M capital improvements program will be invested across these six areas.

We’ll report on our performance against these customer shaped outcomes annually via the Annual Watermark.



  • Phase 1 - Customer Engagement

    From July 2022 until December 2022 we engaged with customers via:

    • Annual customer satisfaction phone survey
    • Online customer surveys
  • Phase 2 - Explore

    During March 2022 – June 2022 we

    • Online deliberative forums
    • Face-to-face events
    • In-depth interviews
  • Phase 3 - Closing the Loop

    Pricing submission submitted to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) by 30 September 2022.

    ESC consultation period – Oct 2022-Dec 2022

  • ESC review of Westernport Water’s Price Submission

    December 2022 to March 2023 Draft Decision

  • Preliminary Approval by ESC

    Fast-tracked decision for Westernport Water’s 2023-2028 price plan.

  • Have your say on the ESC draft decision

    Submit your feedback to Engage Victoria by 10 March 2023 or attend the public forum in February 2023.

  • Final price submission decision

    ESC released final determination on our price submission.

Customer Engagement Journey

We are incredibly proud of our customers and their willingness to engage with us in record numbers to shape the future of their water and wastewater services.

Over 1,187 surveys, seven community events, four deliberative forums and six in-depth interviews were held to hear your views, expectations and priorities.

Thank you to everyone who had their say.

Sign: Choose Your Water Future

Phase 1 – Explore

July 2021 – December 2021

Using online surveys, our annual customer satisfaction phone survey and social media, we asked customers what they wanted, expected and needed from their water provider.

Community stand at outdoor market

Phase 2 – Test

March 2022- July 2022

After listening to the feedback customers provided during phase 1 of our engagement program, we held a series of online forums and face-to-face consultations to delve deeper into the areas you told us were most important.

Phase 3 – Validate

September 2022 – November 2022

In this final phase, we’re closing the loop with customers and explaining how the final outcomes we plan to deliver are a direct result of customer feedback.

Essential Services Commission Consultation

October – December 2022

Once we’ve submitted our price submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), they will seek feedback from customers and stakeholders at multiple points throughout their price review process.

The first consultation period will open on Engage Victoria on Monday 3 October and will close on 1 December 2022.