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We currently offer a range of targeted school learning programs for primary aged students.  Through our programs, students learn the importance of sustainability and gain an understanding of their local water systems and their impact on the environment.

Our tours will allow you to learn more about our local water supply and sewerage treatment processes. Our education and sustainability officers can also assist your school with its water efficiency.


Tours are available for schools and universities to a number of our facilities. Our tours will allow you to learn more about Westernport Water’s water supply, sewerage and recycled water treatment processes.


We offer free interactive and educational classroom incursions to LOCAL schools when tours ares possible or suitable.  Incursions can cover a range of water and wastewater topics. Learn more…

Choose Tap school program

Schools are able to get involved in different activities that will engage students and staff in learning about the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as an environmentally positive alternative to bottled beverages.

Choose Tap San Remo Primary School students

Prep Water Bottle Initiative

Our Prep Water Bottle Initiative provides every new prep student in our service area with a new drink bottle to help them start their school journey. The program encourages children to drink tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle to assist their learning and as an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled beverages.


Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)

Open to all schools in Victoria.  This program enables schools to continuously track their water consumption and leak detection via a simple online portal, saving water and your school money. Read more

Child safety and wellbeing

Westernport Water has adopted the Child Safe Standards to create a Child Safe Organisation that protects children and young people from abuse in all forms. Read more…

Teacher resources and downloads

We offer a range of water education resources and other useful information for teachers. Read more…