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The San Remo Basin liner and the cover is at the end of its theoretical useful life and requires renewal.

Project budget


Where is this happening?

San Remo Basin

Why do we need these works?

San Remo Basin is Westernport Water’s main drinking water storage in our water distribution system. The basin was originally constructed in 1968 as an uncovered earthen basin. Later in 1999, the basin was upgraded with a poly-ethylene (PE) liner and a floating cover.

The theoretical useful life of the San Remo Basin liner and the cover is 20 years. Anything beyond that poses risk to continuity of water supply and water quality due to deterioration. Replacing the liner and the floating cover at its end of life will:

  • reduce the risks associated with deterioration of the current liner cover
  • protect water security
  • protect water quality
  • ensure adequate water capacity is maintained within our network during peak periods
  • ensure dam safety is not compromised
  • remains a low visual impact.

When will the works start?

A temporary tank will be constructed in October 2021.  The liner and cover of the basin will be replaced late April 2022.

Where will our water come from?

Water will be sourced from Candowie Reservoir and distributed to customers via a temporary 3 ML water storage tank in San Remo.

Will the water supply be interrupted?

We have a robust continuity plan in place to ensure that water will not be interrupted due to the project works.

Will my water taste different?

Customers may notice minor variations to the taste due to the change in storage. However, your drinking water will continue to be treated to the same high water quality standards that our regulators and customers expect. Regular testing will ensure that these standards are met.


  • Temporary Tank Installation

    The temporary tank will be commissioned by October 2021.

  • Liner and Cover replacement

    The replacement will occur late April 2022, unless delayed.

  • Project Completion

    Mid 2022.

Contact us

Please email westport@westernportwater.com.au or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.