We’re relining 676 meters of sewer pipes in Cowes to reduce the likelihood of sewer blockages and improve our sewer network.

Tree roots and other items can damage the lining inside sewer pipes and lead to sewer blockages and service interruptions for customers.

After inspecting the condition of pipes using CCTV footage, we identified nine sections of the sewer main where the lining was worn or damaged and needed to be replaced.

Thanks to advanced sewer technology, we can undertake these improvement works quickly and efficiently without the need for any excavation or disruption to services.

Once complete, the new lining will extend the life of the sewer mains and improve the reliability of our wastewater services.

Project budget


Where are the works taking place?

Nine locations across Cowes.

Wastewater services will continue as normal while the works occur.


  • Stage 1 – 360m of relining in five locations. Completed June 2022
  • Stage 2 – 248 metres of relining in four locations. Due for completion August 2023.

Contact us

Please email westport@westernportwater.com.au or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.