FAQ’s – General Public

Answers to commonly asked questions about the project.

  • Scaffolding works will occur from 26 February 2024 to November 2024.
  • Works will be conducted Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm, (excluding public holidays) and potentially some Saturdays.
  • We do not anticipate any impact to water and wastewater services during the works.
  • We have a back-up water pipe under the channel and the nature of works means we can restore services within four hours if there are any complications.
  • Vehicles will be able to cross the bridge as normal while works are occurring.
  • Due to the use of suspended scaffold connected to the underside of the bridge, there will be no need to close lanes on the bridge to access the pipelines.
  • Traffic management will be required occasionally for single lane closers to enable bridge inspections, access for specialised heavy vehicles, and while navigational markers for marine users are relocated. This will mostly occur at night or early morning to minimise disruptions to traffic. For bridge inspections, occasional lane closures will occur during the day.
  • Heavy vehicle operators will be subject to vehicle load limits whilst the scaffold is in place.
  • The San Remo / Phillip Island bridge vehicle load limit will be reduced to 42.5 tonne for three months from 28 May to 29 August 2024, whilst scaffold is installed for the three center spans of the bridge. The 42.5 tonne vehicle mass limit has been increased for some specific heavy vehicle classes whilst scaffold is installed for the 30m long spans of the bridge from 26 February to 27 May; and 30 August to November.
  • Heavy vehicle operators are advised to refer to the “Heavy Vehicle Map Networks in Victoria” website for planned and unplanned disruptions to the road network.
  • Heavy vehicle operations are advised to refer to the “National Heavy Vehicle Regulator” website for matters relating to heavy vehicle regulation in Australia.

Trucks that are used to supply groceries, household goods, milk, petrol, and major events at the Phillip Island Gand Prix Circuit are not likely to be affected by the reduced mass limit. These trucks typically operate at or below mass limits.

The carrying capacity of trucks that are commonly used in the construction sector, (B-Doubles and truck and dog operators) will be reduced. Other vehicle types such as Low Loaders and Oversize Over Mass are also impacted. For detailed information on load limits for specific heavy vehicle types please read the ‘Heavy Vehicle Network Access Information‘ FAQ. click here. 

  • Access across the bridge will remain open at all times, as will the pedestrian access tracks under the bridge.
  • Access to the San Remo Foreshore Reserve playground will remain open at all times.
  • Contract workers will be using footpaths to access the suspended scaffolding and site compound/s with due consideration given to other users.
  • Temporary site compounds will be at the San Remo Foreshore until December 2024.
  • Site compounds will house machinery, equipment and facilities (office, toilets, rubbish) for the crew of approximately 12 construction workers on-site. Please see the images below showing the site compound areas.

As a long-term supporter of community events, Westernport Water has worked hard to ensure iconic local events are not significantly impacted.

The compound area is sized to store necessary equipment, site offices and materials only, and the footprint will be kept to a minimum.

The footprint of the compound will be reduced on weekends, public holidays and during major events to allow for greater access to the San Remo Foreshore Reserve. Pedestrian access will always remain open, as will the access tracks under the bridge.

  • Although sections of the foreshore reserve will be unavailable as a result of these works, there are alternative areas of public open space in both San Remo and Newhaven that can be used.
  • Car parking for the majority of workers has been sourced away from the foreshore area to free up this car space for public use.
  • Vessels are prohibited from traveling under the scaffold and must navigate through the designated navigable span (once navigational markers are installed).
  • The navigational markers will be installed from 6th May 2024.
  • One of the three centre spans will always remain free of scaffold and at full clearance height to enable unimpeded passage by tall vessels.
  • The centre span 10 has an air draft of 12.0m and the adjacent span 9 and span 11 have air drafts of 11.3m.
  • Parks Victoria will issue a Notice to Mariners in advance to ensure mariners are informed of any changes to clearance and navigation markers.
  • The bridge has 19 spans and up to 3 spans will be scaffolded at any one time. The scaffold will start at San Remo and will shift across towards Newhaven as the works progress.
  • We kindly ask marine, road and pedestrian path users to observe all signage and remain alert to changing conditions in the San Remo/Newhaven area throughout the project.
  • The health and safety of our community and visitors is paramount. Work sites will be appropriately managed and traffic management will be in place as required.
  • As an organisation, we are committed to protecting and enhancing our local environment. In line with our environmental policies, Westernport Water has engaged a contractor who is experienced in protecting the environment during major projects.
  • To reduce waste, we’re going to reuse and refurbish fittings where possible rather than replace them. If replacement is needed, we will use stainless steel, a higher-grade metal that will withstand corrosion for longer.
  • When cutting and/or grinding works are occurring under the bridge, an industrial vacuum/dust extractor will be used at the time to remove any airborne particles from the environment.
  • Noise generated by the works will be within the legal limits set by the Environmental Protection Authority and will be conducted during work hours.
  • Site signage, media releases, social media posts, direct mail outs and a dedicated webpage on the Westernport Water website will be used throughout the 11 month project to update and inform stakeholders of potential impacts and considerations required on their part.
  • In particular, we will communicate with Parks Victoria who are the port authority for Western Port, the Department of Transport and Planning, and a wide range of stakeholders throughout the project.

The duration reflects the significant scope of the work and the high-risk factors that need to be managed to ensure a safe workplace. One of the pipelines will have its outer surface refurbished and wrapped, and across all three pipelines, there are nearly 400 connecting brackets to be replaced or renewed in tight areas with limited space. Scaffolding will be erected on three bridge spans at a time and relocated as the work moves across the bridge.

The use of suspended scaffold will reduce impacts to traffic and the community. Suspended scaffolding is attached to the underside of the bridge so that workers can safely access the pipes, without the need for road closures.

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