Customer insights help to shape future water services

Eighteen months of engagement with customers about future water and wastewater plans and prices concluded with a series of customer forums held online recently.

Insights from customer engagement with approximately 1,200 customers were used to shape customer forums to explore specific issues that our customers identified as being important to them.

Over fifty customers came together to deliberate on Westernport Water’s plans for climate change, water quality improvements, performance management approach and whether to rebalance fixed access and variable usage charges.

The forums were a key part of Westernport Water’s water price review, a process undertaken every five years that engages customers to ensure that their concerns and priorities are accommodated in future plans and prices.

Prior to the forums, proposals and background information was shared with customers who considered options, participated in group discussion and asked questions of Westernport Water staff, including Managing Director Dona Tantirimudalige who attended all forums.

Additional to the forums, Westernport Water met with members of the Phillip Island Business Network to better understand the specific priorities and concerns of our commercial customers. A range of community service providers were also consulted to ensure the needs of vulnerable customers were considered.

Quotes attributed to Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Dona Tantirimudalige

“I thank everyone who contributed their views, expertise, and suggestions as part of our customer engagement process for our price review. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us develop plans and prices that reflect our community’s needs.”

“We’re fortunate to have a community that values collaboration and is willing to share their views on matters that are important to them.”

“Our team is now collating all the feedback and will present draft findings back to customers in July this year before submitting the final submission to the Essential Services Commission in September.”

Quotes attributed to Customers

Lauraine Roze from Coronet Bay attended the Water Quality and Taste forum and said “It was a pleasure being part of a lively team with lots of brilliant ideas and suggestions bounced around. I enjoyed the opportunity to find out exactly what Westernport Water has on the agenda.”

Phillip Island Business Network Committee member and Treasurer, Simon Manning, said “Local business operators need confidence in our water supply and wastewater services to ensure their businesses can operate smoothly. Many of our members are committed to more environmentally sustainable practises so understanding Westernport Water’s plans, and how we might collaborate to achieve benefits for our broader community, is valuable to us all.”

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