Westernport Water staff support clean-up efforts

Westernport Water participated in Clean Up Australia Day this month. The annual event encourages community members to come together to remove litter and debris from the environment, local parks, beaches, reserves and waterways.

Staff cleaned up the area between Newhaven and Cape Woolamai, coming together to tidy up after the recent holiday period.

As an essential services provider, Westernport Water is responsible for providing high-quality water, sewerage, and recycled water services and is passionate about promoting sustainability and protecting the environment through its operations and community engagement.

Quotes attributed to the Manager of Communications and Engagement Geoff Russell

“We are a few weeks late but are delighted to be a part of Clean Up Australia Day events and support the clean-up efforts in Newhaven where our head office is located.”

“It’s an excellent opportunity for our passionate staff to roll up their sleeves and improve the amenity of our wonderful community”

“Our community values clean and healthy communities and waterways, and we were astonished by the volume of rubbish to pick up in the area between Newhaven and Cape Woolamai on the beautiful Millowl.”

“I encourage everyone to do their bit to maintain and protect the community and environment we all love. One thing I encourage everyone to do is, Choose Tap, use a refillable bottle and refuse to use single-use plastic.”


Four Westernport Water stand with 6 large bags of rubbish collected during the clean up.

Clean up crew from left to right, Geoff, Katrina, Blade and Gavin.


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