Water quality is our top priority

The regular cleaning of water mains is essential to maintaining the high-quality of Westernport Water’s drinking water.

Pipe cleaning is done using a technique known as air scouring, which pushes compressed air into the water pipe at high velocity. This dislodges any naturally occurring sediment in the pipe, which is then flushed out at a nearby hydrant.

Planned air scouring will start on 26 April and go through to 9 May 2023. Townships include Wimbledon Heights, Smiths Beach, Surf Beach, Sunderland Bay, Cape Woolamai, Rhyll, Newhaven and Bass.

The water supply will be turned off temporarily in each affected street to clean the water main. Westernport Water’s cleaning contactors will progressively work through each township.

Residents will be directly notified of work being done in their area, prior to any interruption. If possible, customers will be asked to turn their stop tap off at the water meter, prior to the time of commencement listed on the interruption notice.

Contractors do not necessarily have to be on your street or at your property to carry out their work. Customers are advised not to operate any tap or appliances that use water between the hours stated on the interruption notice to avoid the potential for discoloured water.

After the cleaning is complete, customers may notice that the water is a little cloudy, this is only air that will bubble out/settle if you leave the water in an open container. Alternatively, customers can run their back tap for a short time to flush the cloudy water through their internal plumbing.

Quotes attributed to Dona Tantirimudalige, Managing Director Westernport Water

“Preventative maintenance programs like this help us to provide high quality water on a consistent basis. In 2022, Westernport Water received its highest level of customer satisfaction with drinking water.”

“We are consistently investing in our water infrastructure and maintenance programs to ensure that our products and services meet the needs and expectations of our community.”

A full schedule of works is provided on our ‘Planned Works’ webpage:



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