Investing $5.4 million in water infrastructure

Westernport Water is committed to further improving water quality and service reliability for customers with $5.4 million invested over the past 12 months as part of its $27 million Capital Works Program.

Water infrastructure projects underway focus on upgrading and maintaining the drinking water network to minimise interruptions, protect customer assets and ensure that water services meet community needs now and into the future.

Construction has commenced on the $2.7 million Phillip Island Water Supply Project, which will reduce water supply interruptions and provide a more dependable water supply for customers by providing a backup drinking water supply.

To improve the reliability of water supply for customers, Westernport Water is investing $0.9 million to optimise water pressure. High water pressure can cause pipes to leak and water mains to burst. By better managing water pressure, pipes and fittings will last longer.

As part of a multi-year strategy, $1.8 million is also being invested to renew water mains in the Cowes and Ventnor areas to reduce maintenance and repair costs as well as reduce the likelihood of property damage if a water main was to fail.

Quotes attributable to Managing Director Peter Quigley

“We are making important investments in water infrastructure to ensure that our water and wastewater services meet the needs of existing and future communities.”

“We have also been working with VicRoads, to relocate the Phillip Island water main to allow for the construction of two major roundabouts. These roundabouts aim to improve the safety for road users on Phillip Island.”

For further information on Westernport Water’s projects please visit westernportwater.com.au.


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