Returning students receive new water bottles

With on-site learning resuming in Victorian schools after lockdown, precautionary measures are being taken to help children to transition back to school safely.

Students have been asked to bring a reusable water bottle with them each day for use and refilling at school to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Responding to the precautionary advice that students should not place their mouth directly on water fountains or bubbler taps, Communication and Engagement Officer, Katrina Knight, promptly contacted local schools to offer them a box of Choose Tap refillable water bottles, ensuring students had access to one despite their personal circumstances.

“It’s so important that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water every day, and this was one way that we could help local school children on their return to normal schooling,” said Ms Knight.

Sarah Tyrrell, Cowes Primary School’s Assistant Principal collected a box of bottles the day before students returned, thanking Westernport Water, “Many happy students received one today, who did not have their own.”

Jane McGillivray, Head of Newhaven College’s Middle School also sent a thank you to Westernport Water stating “As we all navigate the return to school, the inability of students to use bubble taps, and the challenge of having to remember to bring a water bottle every day, it was a very timely and appropriate donation. We are all most appreciative.”

Our Lady Star of the Sea prep students loving their new bottles. From left to right is Ella, Maya & Cash.

Our Lady Star of the Sea prep students loving their new bottles. (Ella, Maya & Cash)

Newhaven College senior students were grateful for the reusable water bottles

Newhaven College students with their new bottles.        (Coco Hosken & Abigail McCulloch)













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