Water storage reaches capacity in record time

Candowie Reservoir, Westernport Water’s primary water storage, reached 100% capacity and began spilling downstream into Tennent Creek on Monday 25 May 2020.

More than 560mm of rain has fallen over Candowie Reservoir since 1 January 2020. This is more than double the amount of rainfall for the same period in both 2018 and 2019 and the highest rainfall for the January to May period since 2012.

The reservoir level dropped to 71.9% this year on 31 March 2020, which was above the average storage level for that time of year, refilling to reach its full capacity in just 55 days.

Westernport Water monitors the water inflow from Tennent Creek which provides most of Candowie Reservoir’s water supply. The highest daily inflow recorded was on 2 May 2020 peaking at 182ML per day.

Now that the local catchment is very wet, any future rainfall events should continue to provide runoff and inflow via Tennent Creek well into spring.

Westernport Water’s Managing Director Peter Quigley said that the region’s water supply was in a very healthy position.

“Although our water storage position is strong for this time of year, we must continue to remain vigilant and plan to adapt to climate change impacts, which will continue to affect rainfall patterns in our region.”

“We’re continually looking for ways to do more with less water. We will work with our customers to improve water efficiency and promote a regional approach to integrated water management to reduce our reliance on drinking water and protect our environment.”

“With 4,463 million litres now in storage, this equates to approximately 27 months of average water consumption for customers in our service area.”

“This is the fifth time that we have reached full supply since Candowie Reservoir was doubled in size in 2013, it’s by far the earliest in the year it has spilled,” said Mr Quigley.

“In previous years, full capacity was achieved in July 2014 and August in 2013, 2017 and 2019,” concluded Mr Quigley.



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