Customer survey provides valuable feedback

Westernport Water has finished compiling the results from its 2011 annual customer satisfaction survey, giving a great insight into what its customers want from their water & waste water services.

Customers were contacted at random and invited to take part in a survey conducted by independent research company Bartley Consulting. The questionnaire was run between September 6 – 19 and took approximately 13 minutes to complete. Customers were asked to rate a number of service delivery areas a score from 1 (extremely dissatisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied).
Overall, 95% of customers were satisfied with Westernport Water’s service in 2011, which was an improvement on the 2010 results (93% satisfaction) and the highest overall satisfaction in the eight years that the survey has been conducted.
The main areas that customers were most happy with included Customer Service (89% satisfaction), wastewater services (96% satisfaction) and water supply (97% satisfaction).
The survey also indicated that customers approved of Westernport Water’s pricing this year; 21% of respondents indicated that they were ‘very satisfied’ (score of 9 or 10) with the value of service they received.
According to Murray Jackson, Managing Director of Westernport Water, the questionnaire is a positive way for customers to voice their opinions and show their willingness to discuss water topics.
“We value the input from these surveys as they give the community an ideal opportunity to communicate with us and raise any queries or questions they might have about our service,” he said.
Mr Jackson also said that Westernport Water is responding to its customers and working towards incorporating their suggestions and comments into its five year Water Plan for the period 2013-2018.
“Water quality is a core focus with 15% of our customers indicating we had room for improvement. We are focusing on several key projects in the future and will continue routine maintenance programs to ensure we can deliver the best possible quality of water.”
“Additionally, we our expanding our Chloramination process after a very successful trial period. Our program in the Kilcunda/Coronet Bay area received a great response and many people noticed a marked improvement in water quality. Extending the program to the rest of our supply network will share these benefits with our entire region.”
The survey also reported an increase in customers’ satisfaction with the value of Westernport Water’s service.
Mr Jackson said, “We are glad to see that our customers appreciate our efforts to hold down water prices. Westernport Water’s prices increased by just 5.8% this year, well below the average Victorian increase of 9% quoted by the Essential Services Commission. We will endeavour to keep our water prices at a minimum and offer financial support to customers through our ‘Hardship Policy’.”
The survey was completely anonymous with no crossover of contact details between Westernport Water and the survey company. The customer satisfaction survey complies with regulations under the Privacy Act and is modelled on similar telephone surveys conducted by other water corporations.
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