Public notice: new Permanent Water Saving Rules

The new Permanent Water Saving Rules consists of five simple and easy-to remember rules, which will ensure the efficient use of water and avoid water wastage on a permanent, ongoing basis. These rules will be consistent across all of Victoria.

Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSRs) are a series of common sense rules that all customers supplied water by Westernport Water are obliged to follow day to day to ensure water is not wasted. These rules are set out in legislative instruments known as Permanent Water Saving Plans and are in place on a permanent and ongoing basis, even when water restrictions are not required.

PWSRs aim to promote efficient and sensible use of water without significantly restricting customer choice and flexibility. They reflect the value that Victorians place on water, and the community view that water is a precious resource that should not be wasted. These rules will come into effect from 16 December 2011.

Summary of new Permanent Water Saving Rules

•Hand held hoses – A hand held hose MUST be fitted with a trigger nozzle and be leak free. It can be used to wash your car and water your gardens and lawns at any time.

•Residential or Commerical gardens and lawns – A residential or commercial garden or lawn are can be watered with a hand held hose at any time, or by means of a watering system between the hours of 6pm and10am on any day.

•Public gardens, lawns and playing surfaces – A public garden or lawn area or a playing surface can be watered with a hand held hose at any time, or by means of a watering system (fitted with a rain/soil moisture sensor) between the hours of 6pm and 10am on any day. Public gardens, lawns and playing surfaces can also be watered in accordance with an approved Water Use Plan.

•Fountains and water features – Water cannot be used in a fountain or water feature unless the fountain or water feature recirculates the water.

•Cleaning hard surfaces – Water cannot be used to clean hard surfaces (including driveways, paths, concrete, tiles, timber decking) except where cleaning is required as a result of a hazard or accident, or in the course of construction/renovation. Hard surfaces can be washed if staining to the surface has developed, but only once per season

•Pools and spas – Before filling new pools or spas with a capacity of 2000 litres or more, customers must fill out a ‘Water Conservation Plan’ and have it approved by Westernport Water. The plan must show that the amount of water used to fill the spa has been offset by water saved around the home. New pools or spas that hold less than 2000 litres of water can be filled without a water conservation plan, and previously filled pools or spas of any size may be topped up by any means at any time.

These measures do not apply to the use of recycled water, greywater or rainwater collected in a tank, provided it is not supplemented by water supplied by Westernport Water.

For more information, visit our ‘Water Savings’ section or call Customer Service on 1300 720 711.